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Free Sex Door Statistics
- Most traffic to this site originates from Google with simple keywords, so it converts.
About 80% of first time visitors to the site come from Google.

- About 40,000 daily unique visitors to the site in 2012.
55 - 65% of traffic comes from USA + European Union + Canada + Australia + New Zealand.
USA traffic about 20%, Germany about 8% and UK about 5.5%.

- Past and current custom advertisers include Adult Friend Finder, Brazzers, Adult Webmaster Empire,, 4Tube, IMLive/Pussycash, Kings Of Conversion, Twistys, Cecash etc.

- Contact for custom, flash video, newsletter, iframe, banner or text advertising.

Advertising details:
  • Time-based rates usually.. Resulting in Cost Per Click as low as $0.0025.
  • Sizes and format are flexible..
  • The advertised site must be clean.
  • Most of the important payment methods accepted.
  • Unreserved Ad Spots' pricing is according to how much the site makes with the spots by using a sponsor.
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