Free Sex Door Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I go full-screen with the flash player?
A: By clicking the bottom right button of the movie player.

Q: What content does your newsletter have?
A: The e-mails I send don't have sexually explicit material but they can contain free porn gallery links, Free Sex Door news (mostly these) and porn site recommendations.

Q: Will I be spammed after I join?
A: NO. I would even lose my sponsors and hosting if I spam.
You will get no more e-mails as a result than what I promise when you sign-up.

Q: I am having trouble receiving e-mails from your site. Help!
A: Do one of the following and then retry joining:
  • Use another e-mail address provider. (Hotmail doesn't work? Try Gmail, etc).
  • Add it to your whitelist: Add the e-mail address to your address book or contacts list. Go here to see how.
  • Send an e-mail to with "TITS" as the subject and you should receive a confirmation. Note that only a bot reads e-mails sent to that address.

Q: Does your site or the sites you link to have malware? Such as viruses, adware or spyware.
A: I guarantee that I will never put malware in our site and if I see something like that in a site we link to (extremely unlikely), the link will be removed immediately.
I review sites I link to daily and they are owned by reputable companies.
For having malware in our site I would lose our sponsors, members and my soul.

Q: I love this site. How can I thank you?
A: I'm glad you like it. Here are some ways you can help to grow the site:
  • Tell your friends - spread the word about
  • Link to us - on your websites, forum signatures, profiles etc.
  • Add to
  • Click any interesting ads we have and join if you like them. Check my niche specific recommendations at Top Sites.

Q: How can I unjoin?
A: In every newsletter we send there's an unsubscribe link. Just follow it and click Confirm.
By doing this you can no longer access our members area and you'll no longer get any e-mails from us.
You can rejoin later.

Q: I have some other question. How can I contact you?
A: Please go to the contact page. However please only contact if you: Are reporting a problem with the site or a site we link to, have a business proposal, want to advertise or want to tell us how we can improve.

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